Watch exotic ‘Cabaret’ ride of Richa Chadda

Richa Chadda want’s to be a star. She has break all the barriers of being an unglamorous actress in ‘Cabaret’, here is the four stages in the life of cabaret dancer- love, life, dance and death.

Richa Chadda don’t really run behind stardom, ten years down the line when people realise that I am the girl who did Masaan, Gangs (of Wasseypur), and Oye Lucky, all landmark and cult movies in their own right and have been appreciated here and everywhere, Richa Chadda would like to be known for that.

Richa Chadda said I can take a big vacation, or live in luxury? What if you’re not into those thing? I believe in riches in profusion, but I can’t be running behind that all the time. When I die all these things are worthless for me, I don’t know if I’ll have children or not, so for me, I want to chase what I really love chasing, which is being a really good actor. I was born to be an actor. So I am doing what I always wanted to, and getting paid for it, what can be anything better than that? She want’s to be a star, but first she wants to be a good actor.