Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Ki Sonu Abb dikh rahi hai kuch easi

Trekking is one of the most rejuvenating experience. It gives us a break from our monotonous and hectic schedules, hence enriching the body and soul. Here are top trekking destinations of India which will appeal to any trekker:

(1) Chadar trek: this trek is done over river Zaskar present in Himalayan ranges. It's route connects villages in the Zaskar valley, which is in deep mountains with Chilling, which is on the road to Leh. Snowfall closes many mountain passes during winter and makes few roads unreliable. Only way to access villages in winter is by trekking on top of ice of frozen rivers. As ice covers the entire river Zaskaar, like a blanket hence the name chadar. It's the most enthralling and rare experience trekking on shining ice of bank of river. The view is stunning with unexpected hanging icicles. The trel has canyon wall on one side and deep rushing river on the other.

(2) Hampta pass trek: It begins in manali and ends in Spiti. It connects two beautiful valleys- Kullu and Zaharului. The trek starts with deodar forests of Manali and leads to pristine grasslands. Its maximum altitude is 4400m and best time is June to mid November. The trek is a combination of colourful landscape varying from frosty valleys, open meadows, refreshing waterways, thick maple and pine forest. Its a serene and unique journey which is elevating and enticing.

(3) Roopkund trek: this trek is adorned with mountain ranges, pleasant brooks, dense forest and quaint villages. The trek ends in a mountain lake the Roopkund lake which lies in Garnival Himalayas in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The journey starts from Lohajung with lush meadows called Bugyols which is dotted with small lakes. Next is a summit stretch which ends in the serene and pristine Roopkund lake. The lake is also known as skeleton lake as several human skeleton lie on its bank which makes this place even more explorable.

(4) Bhimashankar: this trek is in the Sahyadri range. It's a trekking hotspot situated in village of Bhavagiri. Its surrounded with wild rainforest, high bushes, rivulets, remote tribal villages, beautiful temples, green meadows, hidden waterfalls and breathtaking scenes.

(5) Dzongri trek: this trek takes place in rhododendron forests with snow clad peaks at Dzongri. The trek passes through thick forests which are a plethora of fauna and flora and culminate at breathtaking snowy peaks. Its an unforgettable journey and the best time is from mid march to april and September to mid October avoiding rains and snowfalls.