Emerging technologies in 2017 that will affect business

Emerging technologies assure innovative solutions to the ever-changing and expanding market issues. Technology has the potential to upgrade lives and revolutionise businesses. Advent of 2017 will definitely create a transition in technologies which will affect businesses. The following are a few eminent technological of 2017:

● Smartphones- popularity of smartphones is on the rise. They outset conventional computing platforms. Soon they are to become the primary tool for everything. This will affect businesses on multiple levels. Mobile friendly websites and SEO will prove to be a prominent marketing tools. Brands will have to focus on mobile experience for their customers. Businesses will have to dedicate more time and resources to effectively cater to mobile customers. Mobile payment will become extensive. New trend for 2017 will be having faster page load time for smartphones.

● Web apps: advancement in website technology gives developers the ability to use elements in a more cohesive manner and make the user experience interactive and optimised. Web apps are here to stay and develop in 2017.

● Social media: social media is a crucial feature for shaping customer experiences in 2017 as more than 88% customers are influenced by other consumer’s comments. A good social media presence will definitely create a lasting impression on the customer.

● Internet of Things: by 2022 Intel believes that there will be a network of 50 billion connected objects. All objects will be embedded with smart sensors, which are capable of collecting and exchanging data. 2017 will definitely see a rise in Internet connected devices.

● Artificial intelligence: it is making tremendous stride. Hence robots, digital automation and artificial intelligence is a natural transition for companies.

● Virtual reality: this gives enhanced view of the real world. In 2017 businesses will use virtual reality in creative ways which will give a glance of next generation computing. New technologies will hence result in enhancements gravely affecting businesses. Adapting these new trends will definitely improve their performance.