Controversies About Esha Gupta

Esha Gupta got 3rd position in the Miss India 2007 Competition at the same year she won the Miss India International competition. In that competition she was given the tittle of “Miss Photogenic Face”.

The Bengaluru mass molestation incident was happened on the New Year of 2017. After that incident Abu Azmi the samajwadi party politician (SP) said about women that if women wear short dresses and roam on the roads side in the night then no one can stop such incident. After this Esha was replied by her tweet that “only women are responsible for her protection, she also blame herself too and she said that it’s a women who gave birth to jerk like you (AbuAzmi)”. AbuAzmi replied to Esha “his grandma Abuasimazmi was no longer amongst us to show you that she was more dignified than you”.

Due to facial resemblance of Esha Gupta she is often considered as Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.

Esha Gupta is a car lover. She was hosted Nat Geo show Super Cars. Esha Gupta is very superstitious so that she always put a dot with kajal behind her ear to get herself safe from all bad powers.

She declined scholarship at a prestigious US university for the Bollywood offers. Esha provided free 500 heart surgeries for children in January 2017. For this she was named the Goodwill Ambassador for Touching Little Heart project.

Esha is a football lover also, she is best Kathak and Jazz dancer. Secret of Esha Gupta is that “she is a spa addict”.