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Recently Conjuring 2 was released, the story is based on possession of Janet Hodgson. When Janet Hodgson was just 11 years old, she became the victim of an evil spirit that possessed her. In 2007, in an interview, Janet called the narrative of her paranormal encounter true. We bring to you 5 such bone-chilling real life stories that will give you shivers down your spine: Anneliese Michel: In 1968, when she was 16 years old, Anneliese Michel began suffering from convulsions. she had often been treated at a psychiatric hospital. However, in 1973 Michel become suicidal, rejected all religious artifacts, ripped her clothes, ate coal and drank her own urine. she would hallucinate demonic faces throughout the day and hear voices. Medicine did nothing to help the girl.

Michel underwent 76 exorcisms before dying of starvation when she refused to eat. Anna Ecklund: Anna Ecklund was a girl from Iowa who had been raised as a Catholic. It was said however, that her father and aunt were specialists of witchcraft and had cursed her by slipping magical herbs into her food .By the time she was 14 years old, she began displaying signs of demonic possession, such as speaking in tongues and strange voices, floating and clinging to the walls of her room, fear of religious artifacts and the inability to enter a church. In 1928, Ecklund again sought help from the church. She was placed in a convent where her exorcism would take place, and the girls behavior degraded. When the nuns would bless her food before entering her room, she would hiss at the nuns and throw the food on the floor. She would only eat food that had not been blessed. After twenty-three days and three complete exorcism rites, she became free from the demons who had possessed her. Michael Taylor: Michael and Christine Taylor were a spiritual couple from Ossett. In 1974, Christine alleged her husband of having an affair with the head of their prayer group. The allegation infuriated Michael; he yelled and acted abnormally. When his behavior increased, priests decided to help the man by removing his demons. The exorcism lasted all night long, tiring them. While they claimed to have freed Michael from more than forty demons, they also believed that some forces remained. Soon after the ritual was over, Michael returned home and murdered his wife and dog, then roamed the streets drenched in blood until he was arrested. Michael continued to display unusual behavior, including various suicide attempts and molesting a young girl. Clara Germana Cele: Clara Germana Cele was a 16-year- old orphan girl from Natal, South Africa. In 1906, she began revealing odd behavior.

She spoke and understood languages that were previously unknown to her and became a fortune-teller who knew things about people she’d never met. She exhibited superhuman strength, and could throw nuns around the room by motioning to them. Witnesses said she could levitate in air. They also described her voice as demonic. Later, Cele admitted that she had made a deal with Satan and offered her body to him. Over the course of two days, the rites of exorcism successfully drove the dark spirits from her body. Julia: In 2008, Dr. Richard E. Gallagher, a psychiatrist at New York Medical College, revealed a case of demonic possession of a patient known as “Julia”. It is rare for a doctor to diagnose anything other than mental illness in these situations. Some of the observations Dr. Gallagher made about Julia are that the tone of her voice would change, sometimes sounding masculine, while other times it would sound high pitched. She would often speak in languages she has no knowledge of, levitate off the bed, cause objects to fly around the room, and often reveal very personal knowledge about members in the room which she could not have known otherwise. She displays no signs of any mental disorders, so the psychiatrists that have studied her have even resorted to calling in a priest to perform an exorcism. This has thus far proven to bother the demon that possesses Julia, it kept telling the members that they’ll be sorry for their actions, but Julia continues to display signs of possession to this day, leaving psychiatrists baffled by her condition.