Don’t ever wear this to any wedding

Wedding dress selection is difficult task, if it is not your wedding and you want to look nice. Everyone wants to look nice but there is a conditions, don’t be the centre of attraction because it’s not your wedding. So we should dress up in wedding accordingly.

Keep it in your mind- what not to wear to a wedding

  • Select your wedding dress appropriately because what works for a backyard wedding is not suitable for church wedding. Whatever the theme is? You should wear which suits on you.
  • Don’t wear solid white dress- it’s not your wedding, so don’t dress like a bride. Select some light colour or prints and avoid white lace
  • Make sure that the dress you have selected is comfortable to you, means will not exposes your under wears in between the wedding. This instruction is for both men and woman.
  • Avoid wearing animal print to a wedding because leopard print or short dress is to get a lot of attention. But the day is no yours.
  • You should not wear short and too shiny dresses. Men should wear full pants with full sleeves shirt. if you are uncomfortable then also you have no other option. Just wear the pants with full sleeves shirt.