Why Car Insurance Is Required?

You have to buy car insurance- when you buy a car. Car insurance gives you lots of benefits and protects you from financial loss and liability.  Insurance can save you from financial ruin.

It is written in a law that people must have their car insurance otherwise you can be subject to fines or loss of your vehicle in some cases. Means car insurance is a legal requirement

If you do an accident and you do not have car insurance, you will pay for all the damages and injuries. It may be in hundreds or thousands or many more dollars

If someone steals your car or if your car damage by your own then you will be reimbursed. Means you need not to pay large bills or you can buy a new car, insurance company will cover under the insurance policies.

Car insurance is required because It is beneficial for society”. If you caused harm or injury then this cost would be paid by someone if you don’t have money, or your society would have to pay them. Therefore car insurance is needed to protect you from financial ruin.